Who We Are

We Are the Film Studio That Brings Your Ideas to Life

We are a video production studio but most importantly a group of people passionate about creating audio-visual content. We dedicate every day to becoming better, to understanding better and pursuing our dreams. In our films we don’t want to blindly follow trends. We want to understand them and try to develop them into even greater ideas. We experiment with different image formats, types of narration and story structure. We don’t just want to astound the viewer… We want to ignite emotions – stimulate, excite, amuse and entertain. At the heart of our company are the two Olas – Ola Kardynał and Ola Wolińska . You can depend on easy, direct contact with them to address any video production and marketing needs and any questions you might have.


We can offer you video marketing counselling, a plan for gaining maximum impact with your project, organizing of video productions and post-productions. Do you already have a marketing strategy? Great. You can hire one of our camera operators for your event/conference, an editor for content you already have, rent our studio or a director – there’s so many ways of working together!

We particularly focus on social media and the impact your video content can make in that sphere. The possibilities are infinite. The possibilities are unlimited. At last , video marketing is not just reserved for large companies who can afford TV commercials – it is available for everyone. We make that possible.

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